Consider the affect that logging and monitoring can have on an investigation



Consider the affect that logging and monitoring can have on an investigation. Specify the crucial evidence that could result from these actions and determine the sources of critical logs, why these sources are important, and the methods used to collect data from each. Discuss how honeypotting and sandboxing can aid in the evidence-gathering process. Conclude whether or not you believe these techniques to be feasible for organizations of all sizes. Provide a rationale with your response. Use the Internet and the Strayer Library to research at least two (2) procedures and reputable tools available which are currently utilized for mobile device forensics. 

Analyze at least two procedures and tools. Choose what you believe to be the greatest challenge regarding mobile device forensics for investigators at the present time and provide a reason why. Go to the's Website to read the article titled, “E-mail Forensics in a Corporate Environment” (Parts 1-5), located at Select one (1) investigative process that you found interesting in the article and explain the process in your own words. 

Additionally, formulate a hypothetical scenario where this process could be utilized to perform an email investigation and what you would expect the results to be. Describe the main elements of an acceptable use policy. Determine the factors that organizations need to consider when developing their acceptable use policy. Determine the special considerations that need to be taken into account when developing the acceptable use policy for different types of users (i.e., employees, system administrators, security personnel, contractors, guests, and auditors). Imagine that your supervisor has asked you to draft a brief statement about best practices for user domain policies that will be presented to the executive board. Create five best practices for user domain policies. Select the best practice that you would emphasize the most during this presentation to the executive board and explain why.

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