A newly hired nursing unit manager whose responsibilities include



1. Workload Worries 

You are a newly hired nursing unit manager whose responsibilities include the day-to-day operation of a thirty-two bed pediatric care unit in a large tertiary care facility. Among other things, you are responsible for staffing, ensuring quality patient care and evaluating staff performance. The staff of the unit includes 15 RNs and 22 LPNS – a mix of full-time, part-time and casual staff. Your first day on the unit you become aware that some staff are unhappy with the workload. You overhear Jenny Marlone LPN complaining in the hall to Kelly Morris RN that whenever she is assigned to Team 2 she has to work twice as hard as when she is on Team 1.Further, Kelly remarks, “I am always on Team 2!” It is well known that your predecessor resigned out of frustration because he lost the support of the staff (as indicated by frequent sick calls, tardiness and lack of productivity) primarily due to what they perceived as inadequate pay for the workload.

Discuss the steps that you would take to resolve this issue.

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