A paper that defines public administration and why it is important

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Write a 750 word essay with at least three citations about the prompt below.  Be sure to use APSA or APA style citations. APSAStyleManual2006.pdf and check out some good suggestions regarding writing style in political science (CommandmentsForPSWriting.pdf).  

What is Public Administration?

Write a paper that defines public administration and why it is important

You MUST incorporate the following citations into your work:

 Bertelli, A.M., & Lynn, L.E. (2006). Public management in the shadow of the constitution. Administration and Society, 38(1), 31-57.

 Rosenbloom, D.H. (1983). Public administrative theory and the separation of powers. Public Review, 43(3), 219-227.

 Yang, K. (2012). Further understanding accountability in public organizations: Actionable knowledge and the structure-agency duality. Administration & Society, 44(3), 255-

284. Administration Review, 43(3), 219-227.

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