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Can you please watch is movie and answer all the questions which is listed below.

1. What is the difference between vocal music in Catholic churches and vocal music in Protestant churches? (answer can be found within the first 10 minutes of the


2. Bach was introduced to the music of what country during his post in Weimar? (between 30-40 minutes into the movie)

3. What did the ruler of theWeimarcourt do when Bach asked to leave his post?

4. What did Bach hide in his portrait? (between 40-50 minutes into the movie)?

5. What solo instrument, other than organ, did Bach compose very innovative works for? (between 40-50 minutes into the movie)

6. What was behavior like in the churches ofLeipzig? (between 50-60 minutes into the movie)

7. What is the connection between Bach’s name and his compositions? (last 10 minutes of the movie)

8. List 2 facts mentioned in the movie that you thought were most interesting.

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