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The completed assignment will include:

1) List the topic in American Popular Culture that you chose to investigate for this assignment. (e.g. symbolic interactionism, doing gender, socialization over life course, mental illness, prejudice, etc.)

2) List of search terms you used in your searches (e.g. sport, sociology, "popular culture")

3) Annotated entries for a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed articles and 5 popular and/or open-web sources  (see below for what should be included in each entry)

Each source entry should include the following:

1) The APA-formatted full reference for the source

2) A brief description of the source

3) Evaluation of where the source came from - i.e. peer-reviewed journal, blog, website, etc.

4) Brief discussion of how the source is relevant to your topic of interest

5) Brief discussion of the source’s strengths and weaknesses

Grading Rubric

View the grading rubric so you understand how you will be assessed on this Assignment.  Click the grid icon at the top of this instruction page, or the grid icon under "View iRubric" on the main Assignments page.

Assignment 3 meets the following course objectives:

Compare and contrast culture, popular, high culture, elite culture, mass culture, low culture, subculture and counterculture.

Describe examples of the different types of norms operative in popular culture, and how these are related to the process of social control.

Identify the research methods used to create knowledge about popular culture.

Apply key cultural theories and analytical dimensions for examining popular culture.

Explain how various elements of popular culture inform or reflect our attitudes, behavior, and society and why popular culture becomes popular.

Illustrate diversity in popular culture and concepts of multiculturalism, ethnocentrism, and cultural relativism with reference to key stratifying factors such as gender, race, ethnicity, class, age, region and sexuality.

Analyze culture within individual, social, historical, political, economic, and global contexts.

Describe the cultural and social significance of popular culture in shaping the larger contemporary American society.

Examine the roles of print media, art, music, radio, television, motion picture, the Internet, sports, fashion, and technology in the development of American popular culture.

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