Liberty means responsibility

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Liberty means responsibility

It is hard to define the limit of any freedom. In school, a company or society we are offered

freely without any rules. Because there is no perfect freedom, we don’t know the limit.

Nobody defined the limit of freedom. They just said “moderately”. For a month, we discussed

 the free speech and hate speech in class. This topic is among the topic dealt with in

democracy and our society. At the beginning of the article, the editor mentioned “In a sense, this

is a golden age for free speech. Your smartphone can call up newspapers from the other side of

the world in the second” (Under Attack). Yes, we are living in and surrounded by a lot of information

which is wrong or right. What I think the big problem in this situation is “truth”. If we can figure

out information has truth or not, it will be okay. That fabricated information could instigate

people. However, free speech should be allowed for people. We know the power of words. Free

speech should be utilized in a productive way raising voice against violence, injustice, and

poverty. Liberty and free speech shouldn’t be concentrated towards insulting, racism or shaming.

I know how freedom of speech is important so well. I could experience how free speech

affects to us and society. As you know Korea is the only divided nation in the world. South

Korea, where I was born, is a democratic state and North Korea is a communist country and a

despotic state. The government of North Korea thinks regulation of the press is the most


important thing.

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