Current Event Article assignment

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Use this article:

And please use the word doc attached. I will need another source and all in-text citations have to be in APA formatting

I also need this to be written in good standard English, other times I have had small papers done here and it sounds like someone in another country writing it with choppy English.

 Summarize (briefly) and analyze the event (approximately three pages), citing appropriate sources in APA format. Include the cited sources in the references, also in APA format. The APA format requirement applies to both ""layout"" and references (both in-text and on the final reference page). In your summary and analysis, include the following:

  • Analyze the short- and long-term geographic importance of the event within the community, region, and nation in which the event occurred.
  • Analyze the geographic importance of the event on one or more countries that are outside the realm in which the event occurred.
  • Describe what the event reveals about culture, lifestyle, politics, economic conditions, and values (personal, community, or national), etc., of the people in the region or country in which the event occurred.
  • The summary should be double-spaced and approximately 3 pages long.

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