A ReadMe with instructions on how to execute each code file and how it accepts input.

computer science



  1. A ReadMe with instructions on how to execute each code file and how it accepts input.
  2. Code for each question (should be executable and produce the required output and timings as specified below)
  3. You may attach your own timing experiment results in a subfolder along with anything else you want to add to your submission.

Submission Format
Please submit the code for each question as "<QuestionNumber>_netid" . Append part a/b/c to the number for questions 2 and 3. 

Write your program so that it generates a text file with the required output, i.e put the resulting table into a text file instead of printing to console after all operations have been done. The output of the timing experiments should also be written to a separate text file. You can name these files "<QuestionNumber>_netid_resultTable" and "<QuestionNumber>_netid_timing" respectively. The resulting table should be in the same format as the initial set.

Also add the second netid if you're working in a team to all file names if you're working in a team.

Additional notes:

Question 1:

  • Please make sure it executes on the CIMS server(so we can execute without any issues related to versions).
  • If you have already done it in Java before the homework was updated online to reflect Python 3 you may submit the Java program, please mention the language in the ReadMe.
  • All the data is in integer. Corrections to the dataset have been made. 
  • You may use numpy and re libraries for the Python implementation.
  • Your program can accept input from the standard input line by line or as a file of tests. Please specify how to give input to your program in the ReadMe. 

Question 2:

  • 2c : The query to find avg salary for people taking the course of prof103896 has been changed to prof1038 

Question 3:

  • 3a : To perform 100,000 inserts randomly pick a line from emp file and insert it to Employee even if it may already exist.
  • "Store data as an array of records" : You will store 4 element records with values for fields ID, Name, Salary, Manager, Department in the array and then the data structure will relate for example a given department value to the array index numbers containing that department.

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