A research paper namely ‘Diagnosis of embankment dam distresses using Bayesian



A research paper namely ‘Diagnosis of embankment dam distresses using Bayesian

networks. Part I. Global-level characteristics based on a dam distress database’ has been

shared with you over ‘e learn portal’. In brief, the paper highlights how dam distresses

can be determined using Bayesian networks, which is nothing but an extension of

conditional probability that we discussed in the class. Your task will be to

a. Go through the entire research paper 2-3 times and explain how the probability

and statistics theory can help in determining the dam distresses. Mention five



b. Take a real-life environmental problem or a case study, follow the entire

procedure of Bayesian networks discussed in this paper. All the students must take

a different topic and they must have completely different mathematical analysis.

Download and install Hugin lite software. Assume hypothetical mathematical

values if real values are not available, and solve the problem using the entire

procedure adopted in this study. Some topics that you can take are (not limited to

these) given in the table below:

c. Provide all the analysis step by step along with the formulas, calculations and


d. Based on (b and c), mention the primary mathematical results you obtained and

interpret them, provide policy recommendations

e. Also, provide some limitations of the study. [40 M]

S.No. Topic

1 Predicting locations of rainfall

2 Identifying sampling stations along the river whose water quality is poor

3 Identification of best wastewater treatment technologies

4 Identification of suitable location of wastewater treatment technologies

5 Selection of innovative ways of irrigating the agricultural farms

6 Best management practices in an agricultural watershed

7 Identification of industries in a location which are contributing maximum

towards water/air pollution



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