A speciality independent coffee company has contacted you to design an app that will allow their customers to order for delivery and participate

computer science


Module code and title:

CO455 User Experience

Module leader:

Annemarie Perks
Richard Bacon

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CW1 (part B)

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Submission time and date:

Due Week 14
(Friday 29th May 2020)

Digital submission

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Assignment tasks


Brief Background: A speciality independent coffee company has contacted you to design an app that will allow their customers to order for delivery and participate in a loyalty points incentive and other marketing promotions. The brief will move you through a UE/UI design workflow. The Style Guide for this company that you will need to work from will be provided.


Research who the target audience is for this app starting the UE workflow.  The coffee company’s style guide will give you the information you need to begin to identify who their customers are  and design and develop material for the personas, user stories and a user journey map. Templates that can be modified to fit the company branding and personas will be provided. On paper development of design and development will include notes in notebook or sketchbook as well as paper prototyping towards wireframing for Task 2.



Task 2:

Continue the UE/UI design and development process with wireframing, producing both low fidelity and high fidelity wireframes. Development and design includes collecting and creating assets, icon, menus and colour themes for prototype screens used in the mobile app (further design considerations include referencing design for iPad and web usage). Note: examples of low fidelity and high fidelity wireframes will be supplied along with templates for modification.



Task 3

Write a 2000 word reflective paper documenting your creative, technical and emotional journey in designing and developing this project.



Must include analysis of at least three existing apps in this business/product genre as part of your research for inclusion in Task 1 and reflective paper, Task 3.


Free image and video recourses to use include: Unsplash, (https://unsplash.com/)  Pexels (https://www.pexels.com/) and GraphicBurger (https://graphicburger.com/).


This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning outcomes:


Understand the fundamental principles of human-computer interaction


Design & develop a simple interface device

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