Achieving work-life balance in a specific industry and/or situation



Achieving work-life balance in a specific industry and/or situation (ex. deployment)  Improving TSA security at a specific airport  Decreasing identity theft in a specific industry or hypothetical corporation  Recommending or rejecting non-lethal versus lethal weapons for security guards  Helping military retirees transitioning into civilian jobs  Monitoring employees’ personal communications at work and home  Comparing Paypal with Apple Pay or another payment method  Evaluating a 360-degree employee performance appraisal system  Recommending or rejecting female military personnel engaging in combat  Evaluating and predicting the success of the Apple Watch or Fitbit Watch  Analyzing HIPPA violations with electronic submission of medical records  Recommending or rejecting body cameras for law enforcement personnel  Relocating ex-patriates in a specific industry  Perfecting social media as a marketing technique  Analyzing why an entrepreneurial corporation failed  Comparing self-publishing of a novel with seeking a corporate publisher  Evaluating standardized tests for a specific grade in kindergarten through 12 th grade  Recommending methods to decrease survival guilt due to downsizing in an industry  Recommending or rejecting patrol rifle optics  Recommending improvements in public transportation or roads in a specific city  Creating a PR campaign for a specific product  Revising one I.R.S. tax law

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