Adding shoes to an array of shoe items, you should also check to make sure it doesn't already exist

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Examining programming assignment

This task should render in an executable program in Java. In two java files.

For grade G:

Make an executable program according to the specification below where a business can manage a stock of shoes.

Create your own Shoe class that holds data on: product ID, brand, name, model (Men, Women, Unisex or Children), shoetype (running, walking, everyday, etc.), shoe size, price and quantity in stock.

Make a class using the main method where objects are created by the Shoe class. (NOTE: Do not use ArrayList). 

When the program is executed, a list of the choices a user can make is displayed in the Eclipse console and the user should be able to choose what the program should perform (see a-j below) and the program should not be shut down until the user chooses to quit.

The array of shoes should have room for 20 shoes.

When the program is started, the 3 shoes shown below should be automatically added to the array (eg retrieved from a text file).


                Product ID: H037

                Brand: Nike

                Name: Lunarglide 8

                Model: Mr.

                Shotype: Running

                Shoe size: 42

                Price: 1100

                Quantity in stock: 5


                Product ID: D001

                Brand: Ecco

                Name: Light IV

                Model: Dam

                Shoetype: Walking

                Shoe size: 36

                Price: 690

                Quantity in stock: 12


              Product ID: U020 

              Brand: Meindl 

              Name: X-SO 

              Model: Unisex 

              Shoetype: Walking

              Shoe size: 39 

              Price: 1499

              Quantity in stock: 3

The user should be able to choose to do the following:

a). Adding shoes to an array of shoe items, you should also check to make sure it doesn't already exist

a shoe entered with the same product ID. If there is already a shoe with the product ID, it should

do not add it to your collection and a message will be displayed to users. For example: ”A shoe with product ID H037 is already in your collection”

b)Change / update price and quantity in stock of a shoe based on product_id

c) Remove shoe based on product_id.

d) View all shoes in the array and all data about each shoe.

e) Calculate the value of a searched type in the warehouse (the calculation should be done based on price and number, how many you have in stock of that particular type of eg. running, walking, winter


f) Search and view all the data for the shoes that are in the array of the searched shoe brand.

g) Show which shoe brands are available from a searched shoe model (women, men, unisex or children).

h) Search for a scooter and show how many copies you have in the stock of the searched scooter.

i) Show which shoes are in stock based on product_id and which shoes are finished (ie

whose number is = 0)

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