Africa is perhaps the most stereotyped continent in the world



Question1. Africa is perhaps the most stereotyped continent in the world, and many people have preconceptions about Africa that may or may not be accurate. Based on this week's reading and video assignment why do you think these preconceptions exist? What preconceptions do you think you may have about Africa and why? What points was Chris Abani trying to make when he noted that people who think they understand another person's culture through the news don't really understand it at all? I look forward to reading your posts and providing feedback on the discussions! Question2. Development is a huge, complicated topic that is best understood when it is studied at the state level. As such, please choose one state to focus on during this class. Avoid choosing the same state as another student. Now that you’ve chosen the state that you are going to focus on in this class, please discuss how dependency theory, modernization theory, globalization theory or democratization relates to your state. Provide examples.

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