After being duly sworn upon oath, Kelly Doos hereby states as follows: I am over




1 After being duly sworn upon oath, Kelly Doos hereby states as follows: I am over 

2 18 and competent to make this affidavit. I am testifying voluntarily and was not 

3 subpoenaed or compelled to testify. 

4 My name is Kelly Doos, and I was born and raised in Okanagan Valley, Canada.

5 I’m what you call a professional thrill-seeker, social media influencer, and freelance 

6 travel writer. I have my own MeTube channel with 4,000 subscribers. Well, technically 

7 it’s a little under 3,800 but I’ve learned to exaggerate numbers a bit to generate better ad 

8 revenue. Some of my most popular posts have over 20,000 hits. Like the one from when 

9 I jumped from the CN Tower (and got arrested) or the one from when I jumped from the 

10 Willis Tower (and got arrested) or the one from when I jumped…you get the idea. 

11 Of course, my broadcasts and articles aren’t always about me jumping from tall 

12 places. I’ve traveled to remote islands, gone on safaris, even spent a month in Antarctica. 

13 In the last few years, I’ve tried to link some of my adventures thematically, which would 

14 be ideal for a book. 

15 In April of last year (2018), my sometime booking agent Remy Hollis put me in 

16 contact with Louisa Taylor, the host of the TV show Taylor’s Top Trails and author of 

17 the book Trail by Combat, to generate some new ideas. Taylor, who had just finished 

18 taping a segment on Midlands hiking trails, suggested I take a look at some of the 

19 “haunted” campgrounds in the state. I had never been to Midlands (can you believe it?), 

20 but I heard such great tales about the state. So, I followed Taylor’s advice and bookedIATION QUESTION FOR KELLY DOOD OUT OF HER AFFIDAVITES

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