Alcohol consumption and its consequences

social sciences


Answer both questions fully with evidence, critical thinking, and written expression.

1.) Define and analyze the term, “Codependent Person” as it applies to a person living in a Dysfunctional Family.  What is adult excessive alcohol consumption doing to the person who becomes codependent?
2.) What social-psychological factors, do you personally feel are the most critical in alcohol consumption and it's consequences?  Please explain.  With your views in mind, briefly explain how the brain works as it impacts those social-psychological perspectives.
Note, there are many social-psychological factors that could bear on your responses.  No stressing, Just choose two or three of them, elaborate, and then tie in the work of the brain  
Please at least take into consideration the person(s) environment in your response

- What thought processes and behavior do this child exhibit, and explain?  Your critical thinking must cover the “drinkers” of alcohol and their impact on others' behavior and consequences.

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