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UNIT 3- For this assignment, you will perform an analysis of an entity's (i.e., company, political campaign, organization, or governmental agency related to your field of study) use of social media, searching for the strengths and weakness, advantages and liabilities, and general effectiveness of the company’s online presence.

To do this, conduct research online to understand how and why an effective online presence across multiple platforms is necessary for a company, organization, or agency to be effective, and then present evidence about the online presence of your selected entity.

Fill out this Unit 3 Discussion Board Template (ATTACHED BELOW) AND  following these steps:

  1. State the name of your entity (i.e., company, political campaign, organization, or governmental agency related to your field of study), and in a couple sentences, explain your interest in the entity.
  2. Provide a hyperlink to 3 online sites used by the entity, including its main Web site. Sites you may investigate could include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, podcasts, interactive chats, online surveys, video feeds, or any other social media platform.
  3. Present a 3–5-sentence summary of the overall effectiveness of the entity’s online presence, the quality of the written communication used across its various platforms, and a brief identification of areas where it could improve its online and social media strategy. The absence of a presence on a social media site may also warrant discussion.
  4. Explore at least 4 sources related to the use of social media in the professional world, including the importance, effectiveness, concerns, or strategies of using social media. At least 2 of those sources must come from the library.
  5. Create a correct APA citation for each of the sources
  6. Under each citation, provide a 2–3-sentence summary of the article’s main ideas.


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