An examination is intended to enable a learner to demonstrate their attainment of specified learning outcomes.




Instructions to candidates:


Answer all questions below


Full analysis required using a company you have researched.


Students must show evidence of research to gain full marks.


Time new Roman Font 12, use paragraphs and check spelling and punctuation


Table of Contents, introduction and conclusion


You must table your referencing


Word Count 3200 (+ or – 10%)


Learning Outcomes

An examination is intended to enable a learner to demonstrate their attainment of specified learning outcomes. Marks will be awarded based upon the extent to which they meet or exceed the intended learning outcomes, in accordance with QQI Assessment and Standards, revised 2013.

In marking this examination, examiners will assess LO3 which will assess the learner’s ability to:

·         Analyse the stakeholder’s interest in a firm and specifically in relation to dividends and the whole concept around the implication of issuing dividends to both the company and the shareholder.



a)      Discuss in your opinion the impact of Google not paying a dividend for many years after it went public on the overall share price. Include in your discussion your understanding of dividend irrelevance theory.


b)      Analyse the main factors/considerations a financial manager needs to consider when deciding on a dividend policy. Compare in detail the impact of each factor on both the shareholder and the company.


c)      Research a company and discuss what you believe to be their dividend policy and provide your opinion on the benefit or disadvantage to the shareholder of the policy. Discuss some points on the industry they are operating in and what their competitors’ policies are compared to the company you have researched.


d)     Discuss your understanding of efficient market hypostasis and provide real life examples of each form that backs up your analysis.


Ø  Review of google dividend policy and dividend irrelevance theory             10 Marks

Ø  Analysis of the factors/ considerations                                                           25 Marks

Ø  Impact on company v shareholder of the dividend policy                             15 Marks

Ø  Research a company’s dividend policy and state what their policy is           25 Marks

Ø  Layout and Presentation and Referencing                                                     10 Marks

Ø  Efficient market hypothesis                                                                            15 Marks

            Total 100 Marks

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