An interesting article on Gen Y leadership traits.



Sharing an interesting article on Gen Y leadership traits. After viewing please post your analysis of this article. Do you agree with the author?

1. How do you handle conflict? What practices do you normally use?

What would you consider doing differently in the future?


Handling conflict is part of our interpersonal skills. It deals with how

we manage and deal with interpersonal conflict within a group or

between two people. It creates the need for change and occurs as the

result of change. Conflict can be negative, but it can also be healthy in

certain situations

2. Describe a situation when you experienced an ethical conflict with a

co-worker, roommate or friend/family. How did it work out? Why?


Ethics is the standard of moral behavior, in society, it is knowing right

from wrong.

3. What practices, habits or mindsets do you have that may be limiting

your leadership development?


Mental mind sets may cause us to think about people and processes in

a certain way. We may follow these "predispositions " without being

aware that we have felt bias. Many of these predispositions evolve and

or originate from our life experiences, or our upbringing.

 Sharing an interesting article on Gen Y leadership traits. After

viewing please post your analysis of this article. Do you agree

with the author?


 Please discuss your past experiences with leaders who exhibit

Theory X, Y. As a subordinate, which do you prefer? Currently,

which theory do you prefer in your current postiion? If you are

currently a manager, does your actions/management style

support either philosophy? Explain.


 Pat Summit was the Tennessee Vols women's basketball coach

and received the Presedential Medal of Freedom in 2012.

She went 1,098-208 with eight national titles. She has the most career

wins of any Division I men's or women's basketball coach.

She was diagnosed with early onset dementia (Alzheimers) and passed

away earlier this year.

The link provides a report from CBS news regarding how she continued

to lead even with the tremendous challenge of this disease.

Do you believe that great leaders have inherent characteristics at birth

or is leadership a life long process which is learned through our

individual opportunities and experiences?

 The term "leading with conviction" translates to being in touch

with your values and beliefs and not being afraid to take on the

status quo, when necessary. One convictions may be derived

from many sources including deeply held connections to one

community, a fundamental sense of right or wrong, or deep

moral/religious values. Many believe that these convictions are

the driving force when inevitable setbacks and insurmountable

challenges occur.

I would like for everyone to self-reflect and share an example when

you were required to "stand your ground" in either your personal or

professional lives. What was the issue? What were the outcomes?

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