(Solved) “What is it Like to Work for the CIA?” by answering questions 1, 2, and 3 on page 162.



Written Response #3Questions on Chapter 5 SOURCINGAND RECRUITING and Answer DiscussionQuestions2, and 8 page 161, restated below. Complete the exercise “What is it Like to Work for the CIA?” by answering questions 1, 2, and 3 on page 162, restated below.  Questions on Chapter 6 SELECTION and HIRING   and answer DiscussionQuestions3 and 6 on page 197, restated below. Complete “Mini” Research on Interview questions using Glassdoor.com.

Estimated total length 4-5pages.

Written responses must be typed, size 12 font, double spaced and written in proper English in complete sentences. For each question, answer approximately 4-5 sentences (one paragraph), sufficiently to demonstrate thought and understanding. 

Grading criteria: total possible points 20 (score represents 5% of total grade in the course)


DISCUSSION QUESTIONSon Chapter 5(4 points in total, as indicated for each question)

2)  If you needed to hire researchers who are key to your company’s competitive advantage, what recruitment outcomes would you focus on? If you were hiring cashiers for a low-cost retail store, what recruitment outcomes would you focus on? Why do your answers differ? (3 points)

8)   Do employer images and employer brands influence your job search? If so, in what ways? (1 point)

STRATEGIC HRM EXERCISE: What is it Like to Work for the CIA? (6 points; 2 points per question)

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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS on Chapter 6   (4 points in total, as indicated for each question)

3)  Which evaluative assessment methods do you feel would be most appropriate to use in hiring a recruiter? Why? (2 points)

6)How can organizations increase procedural and interactional fairness during the hiring process? (2 points)


“Mini” Research: Interview Questions.(6 points in total) 

Conduct research on the types of interview questions that have been reportedly asked by the company you chose. Identify and analyze the effectiveness of five interview questions. Include in your discussion: the question, the merit of the question (What information will this question reveal to a potential employer to facilitate the hiring decision?), the effectiveness of the question (Do you think it is a useful question? Why or Why Not?), your recommendation about the application of this question (Would you use it as an interview question? Why or Why not? Would you change anything about the question?)

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