An introductory, brief description of the application feature



Project (1) a. Select a common desktop, web, or mobile app of your choosing and write up user documentation for the application b. For the purposes of brevity, select one specific feature of the application you feel is its key/defining feature and provide the following: i. An introductory, brief description of the application feature ii. Fuller details of the application feature, going over its functionality iii. Testing steps a user would take to ensure the application feature is functioning properly c. Include descriptive screenshots where applicable and as you feel the enhance the documentation 2. Project (2) a. Identify a possible improvement/enhancement to the application in question and document an enhancement request with user requirement specifications. Include a description of the enhancement, what its purpose is, and any user stories, data requirements, mockups/wireframes, etc that you feel is necessary to efficiently and accurately guide a developer on what they would need to do to develop the enhancement.

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