Analysis of Coca Cola assignment help



Company is Coca Cola

SEC Project

        This is the final paper associated with your SEC analysis. You should consider your prior SEC analyses as you prepare this assignment.

  • Research and secure the annual SEC 10-K report for a company Coca Cola (subject to the requirements set forth below) for the most recent year.
  • The company must have inventory, receivables, and segments.
  • The company must have international operations.
  • Report in our conference discussion the name of your company and how you found the SEC 10-K.
  • Prepare a three- to five -page report, single spaced, and a PowerPoint presentation to post in our conferences, include a general discussion of the company, its key financial information and must include a discussion of :
  • transfer pricing and taxation
  • corporate social responsibility and reporting
  • Your paper should consider accounting, tax, and audit issues for your company, and will be informed by discussions in our conferences as we define terms and key concepts for your required deliverables.  Additional credit is given for discussing the company’s competitive environment.
  • Cover pages, abstract/ executive summary, table of content if you chose to include or bibliography / reference lists do not count toward page count.

Failure to include these will result in a reduced grade.

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