Public Relation Program Assignment



Attached is the Current Event which MUST BE USED to complete this assignment. 

The subject: You have undoubtedly heard about the public relations troubles Samsung has been facing for the past few months. After many reports of exploding batteries in its newest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung looked to fix the problem by issuing a recall and replacement program. But the replacement phones had the same problem, so an exchange and refund program was initiated. More outrage. Many customers were unhappy with the deal, which offered a $100 credit for a willingness to accept another model of Samsung smartphone. But if you still had concerns and didn't choose to trade, you got a $25 billing credit only. Many have taken that as "punishment" by Samsung for not showing faith in the brand.

Now Samsung's reputation is on the line. This is a time when the company needs to respond to this crisis in a way that doesn't continue to devalue its other products while seeking to earn back the trust of its customers. How should it respond? What public relations approach should it take?

You are to develop a public relations plan outline to help Samsung rebuild/protect its brand. What audience or demographic will you be trying to reach? What media or communication tools will you use? Will you be focusing on reaching out to a passive or active audience?

Your outline must contain the 8 elements listed in Action Items. Develop each item in as much or as little detail as you believe it requires. You will start by describing the Situation, then move on to the other areas. Your overriding outline objective is: What do you want the program to achieve? In the Budget section, estimate how much you think an actual campaign would cost for TV, print advertising, social media, printing, etc.

Length should be limited to 3 pages, not counting references. Please label each section so I know which you are detailing in your plan.

Current Event Program Planning


To assess your ability to develop a public relations program plan outline.

Action Items

Read the description of the current event provided by your instructor. You should also read current news related to the topic.

Develop a basic public relations program plan outline for the case study. Your program plan outline must contain the following:

Situation – a discussion of the situation that clearly states the problem.

Objectives – a listing that concisely defines what the public relations program will achieve.

Target Audience – define your audience for the program.

Strategies – describe how each objective will be achieved. The strategies should provide guidelines and themes for the overall program.

Tactics – outline the specific activities that will be used to carry out the strategies, including which media and technologies will be implemented.

Calendar – a timeline for when each activity will take place.

Budget – an estimate of the costs of the program.

Evaluation – a description of the steps that will be taken to determine the effectiveness of the program.

Budget – an estimate of the costs of the program.

Evaluation – a description of the steps that will be taken to determine the effectiveness of the program.

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