Analyze an issue from the unit related to intercultural communication



Compare culture clashes or basic differences that could account for possible miscommunications, and propose ways to

adapt and overcome such differences to enhance intercultural proficiency in your current roles or in a hypothetical situation

you develop. Analyze an issue from the unit related to intercultural communication. You may choose from the list below of

eligible topics or request professor approval for a specific topic of your choice. Ideas should be fully supported by your own

explanations/examples and support material from a credible source. To complete this assignment, a minimum of one

reputable source must be cited and referenced in APA style to support your work and outline the guidelines by which you are

basing your analysis. This assignment should be at least two pages in length. Topics can include but are not limited to cultural differences related to

the following:

business etiquette,

business practices,

communication styles,

crisis communication,


ethical decision-making,

gender equality,

high-context versus low-contex,

individualism versus collectivism,

language barriers,

nonverbal communication,

power distance,

prejudices or stereotypes,

rules and traditions,

regional differences,

time orientation,

use of social media,

workforce diversity,

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