Analyze how national and international terrorism has impacted venue and events locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.



Analyze how national and international terrorism has impacted venue and events locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Format: (120 Points)

  • Papers MUST have a cover page with your name(s), date, class; period; term and assignment.
  • Papers must be written in 12 point type and double spaced.
  • Answers must be in complete sentences.
  • Paper MUST follow the number and letter format when writing your responses.
  • This is an individual assignment. Your honesty and integrity are expected and appreciated


A. Research and analyze one terrorism attack that has occurred at a major sporting event in the past five years. Thoroughly explain the location and date of the event as well as the devices and methods the terrorists used to perpetrate their plan. Also describe the injuries and loss of life as well as the extent of the damage to the venue and surrounding properties. In hindsight, in your opinion, could the authorities have prevented the incident?

B. Research any one of the following major sporting events (Olympics, World Cup, Super Bowl, Indianapolis 500, The Masters, and US Open Tennis - NYC).

List and explain five (1-5) potential security risks and five (1-5) security preventative measures that they undertake, or could carry out to keep everyone attending the event, the employees and venue safe and secure.

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