What is management’s responsibility to meeting the guest’s expected level of service?



This 5 questions are worth 20 points each so please elaborate in order to achieve academic success.

In this midterm, you will respond to essay questions that cover the content we have reviewed at this point in the course. Read each of the following essay prompts carefully. Think before writing your responses. You need to cite at least three sources, using MLA formatting, for each response.)

1) What is management’s responsibility to meeting the guest’s expected level of service?

2) Describe and use real restaurant visual examples of how the five senses are impacted by the design choices of the restaurant.

3) Define the different lighting styles. Give examples, using real restaurants you have visited. Explain why lighting is so important in the FOH.

4) Using American service style service and Family service style for comparison, answer the following:

  • Explain the different customer base.
  • Explain the service expectation.
  • Identify menu items that would be found on an American service menu that would NOT be found on a Family service style menu.

5) What is service expectation? How does the level of expected service and the service style change, based on operational variables such as type of operation, target customer, service style, meal periods, and menus offered? Use a specific restaurant type to explain your answer.

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