Anywhere each of the following questions in a co mpoi;;ition of 10 to 20 sen\'enc:es. Each anfiwu is worth



PART A: An:HYer each of the following questions in a co mpoi;;ition of 10 to 20 sen\'enc:es. Each anfiwu is worth 20 points. 1. Discuss the difference between robbery, theft, and embezzlement, and give an example of each that wou Id meet all the req uirem en ts for that crime. 2 . Carl made a will, leavin9 all of his estate to his wife, Lulu. Carl and his sister Mary Wi:iih to own property together. They've been asked whether they sh ou Id own as tenants in comm on or as joint tenants. Explain the differences between these two forms of ownership. Which one i s best for Carl? 3 . Bob writes a check to Zeke for $500 for a TV set. Zeke endorses the check over to Sally as a birthday present. Sally deposits the check. Bob discovers that the TV is defective and that Zeke misrepresented the condition of the TV to induce Bob to buy it. Bob 5tops payment on the check. Will Sally be able to enforce payment of the check? Why or why not? What change in the facts c ou Id strengthen Sally's ability to enforce payment of the ch eek? PART B: Answer each of the following questions in 2 to 4 sentences. Each answer is worth 5 points. 1. Lloyd borrows money from Collin. In exchange for the I oa n, Lloyd orally offers Coll in a security interest in his boat. The next day, Lloyd offers Matilda a signed written security interest in the same boat in exchange for a loan. Neither Collin nor Matilda properly perfects the security interest. Lloyd defaults on both loans. Who will receive the boat? Why? 2. Ethan and Leigh-Ann enter a shipment a5jreement in which Ethan agrees to sell Leigh-Ann exercise equipment. The terms of the agreement are delivery by a common carrier. Ethan places the exercise equipment with a comm on carrier for delivery. In trans it, an accident ca us es destruction of the equipment. Who bears the risk of loss? Why? 

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