Application: Implementation Plans (Solved)



Unit 8 Assignment

Application: Implementation Plans

Have you ever heard the expression, “Fire, ready, aim”? It expresses frustration over the fact that planning for a change (“aiming”) came after the fact (“firing”) when it should have come before. Planning for implementation can be as important as the planning you did at the beginning of the project. In this case, though, the plans are related to how the old system (or processes) is converted to the new system, how that new system and conversion should be tested, and how the change should be documented for the users, who have to get used to a new way of doing things.

For this Application, consider this scenario: You have been working with a local, medium-size business to design a human resources system that includes data such as personal information, payroll, job assignments, benefits, vacations, and termination records. Your final project deliverable is a migration plan for transition from the old system to the new. You do not have to worry about creating the actual documents or tests because the organization has the personnel to handle that; they only need to know the high-level strategies for a successful migration.

In 3–4 pages, prepare the following strategies:

·         Conversion plan (including hardware and software installation and data conversion)

·         Testing plan (including unit, integration, system, and acceptance tests)

·         User training and documentation plan (including training recommendations, reference documents, tutorials, and procedural documents)

·         Brief justifications for each of your three plans

Cite your sources according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment by Day 3.

Use this rubric to estimate your grade on the assignment.

Unit 8 Assignment

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