Correctional Facility Hostage Barricade



Case Study:

Correctional Facility Hostage Barricade

The following assignment is a case study of an actual hostage barricade incident. Names and

locations have been redacted. Your job is to assess the situation and provide an accurate

evaluation, describe the process and procedures you would use to resolve the situation, and

demonstrate the acquired knowledge of crisis negations from this course. I want you to

explicitly spell out to me the communication tactics you would use, describe the negotiation

process and why it works, discuss alternative to negotiation, explain the role of the team you

choose for the scenario, etc. Get creative in your analysis and justification of why you are

choosing specific tactics. Back up your assessment with empirical sources.


- Content/body of the paper should be a minimum of 10 pages long

- APA format, including cover page, abstract, reference list (Total of 13 pages)

- Proper APA in-body citations

- Must be demonstrated in your paper:

  •  Describe communication tactics you would use
  •  Describe the negotiation process and why it works
  • Discuss alternatives to negotiation
  •  Discuss influence and persuasion tactics
  •  Explain the role of the team you choose for the scenario
  •  Discuss solutions, goals, and “bargaining chips”

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