Which group has the right to copy information off a server or archive information, even though they are not an administrator?





1.       What is listed when you hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete

2.       What does case sensitive mean?

3.       Where can you go to change passwords?

4.       A user has gone on vacation, you need to access their computer, who can let you in?

5.       Which group has the right to copy information off a server or archive information, even though they are not an administrator?

6.       Which user, or which group, might be in charge when the administrator is on vac? They have some administrative rights but not all.

7.       What is the default group membership that all new users are automatically put into?

8.       What can you do to force users to change their passwords, and where would you go to do it?

9.       To create a new user, you only need to do what?

10.   Is it possible to set your computer up so that when the system starts a user is already logged in? Where would you do it?

11.   Right-clicking and choosing Manage opens what Tool?

12.   What kind of “group” or group control is NOT an example of a default sharing group?

13.   What is the default group membership?

14.   What is the Power Users group and what can it do?

15.   If user JEFF locks his workstation when he goes to lunch, what users/groups will be UNABLE to unlock that workstation?

16.   All users must have the same desktop if they are using the same computer. What determines that?

17.   What might be the reason for not seeing a user’s profile folder even though you know you created the user?

18.   What 1 folder would you save if you wanted to save all a user’s files, pics, etc.?




1.What is the different between a Local user and a Domain user?


2. List at least three windows built-in groups (groups that are created by default) and explain what their purpose



3. A user calls you on the Help Desk line and states that he can’t log into his computer even though he is positive

that he is typing in the correct password and it has not changed. What do you tell him to check?


4. You have a new user in your company named Jonathon Smith and when you go to create his user account using

the firstinitial/lastname combination for generating usernames as normal, you receive a message that the

username you entered is already in use. What is likely going on and what could be a solution?


5. Make a WordPad file titled Howdy.rtf and make it say something to welcome a new user. Save it to

C:\Users\Default\Desktop. Next, create a new user named George and then log in to this new account. Does

your Howdy.rtf file show up on the desktop?


6. What would be one of the most important places to backup on a client’s computer before performing a clean

installation that will wipe everything on the computer?




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