Deciding on requirement collection approaches is one of the steps of system requirements analysis.



Requirements Analysis

Deciding on requirement collection approaches is one of the steps of system requirements analysis. With that being said, I am hired as a software consultant by Pennywise National Bank to build their next-generation automated banking application. This assignment discusses about the best method to begin the system analysis stage for the project.

Requirement Gathering Approaches

In any software project, system requirements are one of the utmost imperative components to guaranteeing the effectiveness of the project/system. To make sure the best requirements are obtained, the approaches in which those system requirements are gathered are likewise significant (Wiegers & Beatty, 2013). Giving this circumstance, we would recommend using the one-on-one interview, survey/questionnaire and Joint Application Design (JAD) approaches for the case project.

One-on-One Interview

This kind of method is the utmost common approach for collecting system prerequisites for analysis in addition to the key sources of these requirements. To support and get the maximum benefit of an interview with related employees of the bank, interview must be carefully planned beforehand sitting with the interviewees. With that, the system analyst must recognize shareholders to be questioned. These can be customers who communicate with the new or current system, project sponsors, management or anybody else that will be involved in the application. While preparing for the interview, it is crucial to ask close-ended and open-ended question that would provide useful data about the new system.


This approach supports a system analyst to gather data from several individuals in comparatively a short time frame. It is particularly supportive while shareholders are located in different geographic locations, or if there are many participants whose feedback will be required to support set up system needs (Robertson & Robertson, 2012).

JAD (Joint Application Design)

The JAD approach is a more modern approach for collecting system needs. This would be effective in decreasing time since the customer and additional major associates are profoundly contributing within the development procedure. The main aim is to ensure the system design is correct within the initial time frame henceforth decreasing distinct iterations. Customers participant in this approach supports abolish their obstruction over the development procedure of system (Withall, 2007).

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