What is the best solution or course of action – what was done?



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1)      Case Study 2: http://nascarzprogram.com/nascarzprogram-the-mechanics/






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Read/listen to the entire case study attentively; highlight data, make notes, underline sentences, circle key words


List the most important facts, quantitative data, and use that information to help you define the nature and scope of the problem



Conduct research (if applicable): questionnaires, surveys. Ensure you are familiar with the background information organizations, companies, agencies, people, and any other relevant entities included in the case study



Identify the problem, the issues, major challenges, risks



What is/was the problem? Analyze the main underlying causes of the problem


Who are the people involved? How is the problem affecting people?



Establish the cause-and-effect relations between the various aspects/people


Brainstorm 4 to 5 alternative for a solution


What is the best solution or course of action – what was done?



Write a report, including:

a.      Executive Summary (synopsis, introduction)

b.      Findings (the problems, issues)

c.       Recommendations (solution)

d.      Conclusion

e.      References

f.        Appendices (if applicable)



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