How many users can access any of the shares that you create through the Network by default?



Extra Duties: (When finished, type or take screenshots, and post it into the D2L Dropbox)


1.      How many default hidden shares does Windows 10 has?

b.      How and where do you find them?

c.       List these default hidden shares


2.      How many users can access any of the shares that you create through the Network by default?



3.      Create a folder called HTC on the root of your C: drive and share it with that name.  Set the following permissions:


Sharing Tab—Administrators à Full Control, Users à Change, Everyone à Read
Security Tab—Administrators à Modify,  Users à Read/Exe, Authenticated Users à Write, Backup Operators à Full Control


Find the Local and Network Access that will result for the following users (use Conflict Resolution Chart if needed):

a.        Marry – member of Administrators

b.       Nina– member of Users and Backup Operators

c.        David – member of Users


Create the users above and then use the Computer and Network category views to actually try out each user’s access to the HTC folder.



  1. Create a pretend local printer (using LPT1 or LPT2) called My Fake Printer using a Cannon InkJet MX5xx (xx= any number) series printer driver.  Make sure to share it with that same name (take an screenshot).



  1. Who is NOT a member of the Authenticated Users group?



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