Let’ Go Get It, what is this guy screaming at us about, I know that’s what you’re saying, what is this guy talking about, it’s all about energy and taking that energy with you as you recruit.



Let’ Go Get It, what is this guy screaming at us about, I know that’s what you’re saying, what is this guy talking about, it’s all about energy and taking that energy with you as you recruit. I want to thank the University of Bowling Greens Athletic Department for inviting me to discuss ways to increase your recruiting and bring quality student-athletes to your fine university. I know you have my bio, but just a few things about me, I first want to thank God for my amazing wife Jean, funny I was making the coffee the other day and it hit me I’m making coffee everyday ,when we got married she made the coffee daily. I asked my wife hey what happened that I make the coffee every day, she looks at me seriously and said it’s in the Bible that the man makes the coffee, with disbelief  I said what , she replied it is in the book of Hebrews, I had no answers, I’m making the coffee. I became a football coach in 1986 after my college career was over, I played for Johnson C Smith University located in Charlotte North, Carolina. In my junior year I had a minor injury and our school athletic director the legendary Eddie McGirt, threw me a pair of head phones and said you will be helping out in the press box today, and that exposed me to the world of coaching. Jump 34 years later I’m entering my sixth season as the running backs coach at Trine University and every practice I’m the one you can hear screaming Let’s go get!  (Go Get Your Life’s Desire)

            That’s the energy you would need in life and recruiting if you can’t recruit you can’t coach because you have no talent. Similar to many of you I’ve been a part of nationally ranked teams and not so ranked teams, and all those teams shared one thing in common, chemistry god or bad. I only recruit we, us, ours guys and avoid the me, my I guys.  The first thing I do when recruiting the student-athlete, I call the parents and introduce my self and discuss their hopes for their kid, Then I set up a meeting with the student-athlete and the parents. I’ve said the same thing every year to all my student athletes and parents” I will not lie to you or lie for you” this is a very important statement that I honor every day. 

            The second thing I do, meet with the family and explain the recruiting process and let them know that our goal is to prepare our students ,to take care of your family for the next 65 years of their life and ask them to do the math, if we are successful  with that how old will you be in 65 years (exactly ) that’s a win.

            Now number three on my list, I focus on the parents and the things that they need to do, the first thing stop saying the high school coach didn’t get my kids recruited, if he is over the program and shows up every day he has done enough. Have you academically secured your child’s opportunity in training him to be a student athletic, because a 1.98 GPA will not do? I explain to the parents recruiting starts with an academic foundation. Make sure you are following up daily and make sure your student-athlete takes the ACT & SAT often and early. There is a place for all student-athletes, even though most kids think they are good enough to play at the Dukes and Alabama’s most are not that kids, now we are back to my first statement, I will not lie to you or for you.  If you follow these three things you will increase your quality of student-athletes ... Now Let’s Go Get It!

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