Payment & Wallet Policy

Payment Policy

  • All payment will be made through Cards or directly deposited into the bank account. Currently, We have Collaborated with RazorPay or other payment gateway solutions provider for handling the payments. RazorPay is a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers. The user can directly deal with Card for any transaction failure or charges as we don't collect any credit/debit card information in our database.
  • While paying first on the website, it might fail as you are doing a transaction on our website for the first time. In that case, please let the bank know about it or confirm to the bank that you are doing only the transaction and then it will go through without any failure.
  • No work will be started if we do not receive any part payment and we will send the work after receiving the full payment that has been agreed between us in writing.
  • We are not responsible for any charges that your bank will charge on the transaction.
  • You will pay a total amount under these terms by the specified means, without any deduction or counterclaim. If we owe you any reimbursement, we will return that in no later than 30 days from the date on which we have agreed to reimburse you.
  • In case there is a refund of your payment, then it would be refunded back to your original source of payment paid by you.

Wallet Usage Policy

What is CallTutors Wallet?

CallTutors Wallet is a convenient payment method to pay for your orders or store cancellation refunds that can be used to pay for your current/upcoming orders.

How does CallTutors Wallet work?

Add the money to your CallTutors Wallet with Card. And from that money, you can use our services.

Where do I can access my wallet?

You can access wallet in your dashboard after login.

How to add money in CallTutors Wallet?

After login in your dashboard, you can add money through Card acount or without Card account using Credit Card or click this link to direct access to add money page.

What are the benefits of using Wallet?

  • The convenient method to pay.
  • Ensures timely payments.
  • Cash Back & Promotional Offers.

How long can I hold funds in my Wallet?

CallTutors Wallet money never expires. You can use it anytime without any hassle.

What happens if I fall short of funds in my Wallet when asking a fresh question?

You will always have the option of combining funds from your Wallet with any other payment method (like Card or credit card(directly without Card account) when asking a new question.

Where can I use the funds in my Wallet?

Funds in your CallTutors Wallet can only be used to pay for the questions or any other guidance or help.

When will the Cashback money be credited in my wallet?

It will take 0-24 hours to reflect cashback in your CallTutors wallet.

How secure is CallTutors Wallet and the payments made on CallTutors?

All information transmitted between you and is done through TLS 1.2 (better than SSL), a secure and safety protocol available on the web. will never release any of your card details or personal details to anyone, and we only use your email address and phone number for all your records. All your sensitive personal data is stored in a secure, encrypted manner. Your credit card details are stored in compliance with PCI/DSS guidelines through our payment gateway.

Can access my financial details?

No, we can’t access any of your financial details. We can only view your wallet amount.

Is CallTutors wallet money refundable or withdrawn to my bank account?

No. If you have recharged CallTutors wallet Credit Cards or any other payment option, we will not be able to refund your money. Refunds in case of erroneous transactions will be taken up on a case-by-case basis with our support team.