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According to Northouse, (2014) reflection can be explained as the art and science of development of effective qualities and effectual styles of leadership. Reflection is the compartmentalization of experiences as meaningful components; label them with the reflection of personal leadership behaviour. According to Collyer, (2016), the role of effective leadership is critical for the achievement of specific objectives in term of personally and professional manner. The important trait and attribute of leaders are the coaching, planning, mentoring and problem-solving. In this project, the leadership styles, personality preferences, self-awareness is considered. In addition, the main framework of leaders and their importance in development and explanation of effective leadership is discussed.

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Amanda Enterprises, Inc. is a clothing-based retail business situated in Eugene, Oregon. The business provides a series of products through a combination of fashion trends, attracting mainly to young adults and teenagers. The company has total four offices located in four different cities, e.g., Houston, Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York. These branches, comprising headquarters in Eugene, act as distribution hubs for services and products vended by the organization. The corporation has 250 employees in different offices. Each office location has a different number of workers.

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The upper control limit (UCL) value as appeared in the graph is 13.220. UCL shows the measurably reasonable maximum value for the procedure dependability. On the off chance that any factor surpasses UCL the procedure is do not considered as steady anymore. The Lower control limit or LCL as appeared in the graph is 212.3. It demonstrates the measurably reasonable minimum value for the procedure dependability. A procedure is unsteady if any factor information surpasses the LCL.

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This study looks at why terrorism wins in the generally steady and propelled majority rule governments of Western Europe and why a few nations have been more affected as compared to the others. Western Europe appears to be moderately calm, a few nations in this area, actually, suffered fundamentally elevated amounts of terrorism for a considerable length of time. Additionally, the danger has not just originated from worldwide militants working in Europe however as an aftereffect of inward clashes which have created terrorism in the nations itself. In this paper, the authors are trying to analyze if any patterns exists in the internal terrorism for Western Europe.

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You work in a retail industry. You have recently started a loyalty program for your customers. A study conducted on retail bank, says that the customers with a total purchase of $1,000 in 3rd month are the customers who will finally purchase more than $30,000. You want to focus your loyalty campaign on these customers.

You have 2 data-sets. First has the entire list of customer IDs with their date of first purchase. Second data has the customer ID with their monthly purchases history after their first purchase.
You need to identify customers who make more than $1000 purchase in the 3rd month from the first purchase.

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A “combination lock” is that can only be unlocked by “turning a dial” or a numeral of dials conferring to a specific series of numbers or letters. I found that most “safe combinations” can be jotted down in three or four short lines. A way to dial a safe combination you must spin the first “two numbers” of your combination as you regularly would, yet as opposed to completing the last rotation, stop on the “number eight (safecrackeratlarge, 2009).” Grab a substantial elastic hand-sled and pound the door not the dial a couple of times.

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Integrated marketing communications is a way to arrange communications that provides your business the possibility to improve results from your battles and lessen advertising expenses. By incorporating tools, for example, promoting, emails, online networking and telemarketing you give clarity, consistency and most extreme communications effect, as defined by the American Association of Advertising Agency.

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We created a “level ¾ WBS” for the Social media research centre website development project. The given below figure offers WBS made using MS Project tool that is showing the different tasks involved in the website development for the new research centre focusing social media.

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Normalization is a way of organizing the data efficiently in a database. A normalized data is considered to be primary requirement of good database design. It manages tables in a way that minimizes redundancy and data dependency. It involves breaking down the large tables into smaller ones. Normalization is needed for accurate representation of data, relationships and constraints.

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