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Academic Experts



Statistics Expert

I hold a doctorate degree in Statistics. I have acquired my academic credential from the University of Southern California. Currently, I am associated with as senior subject matter expert. My fields of expertise are theoretical statistics, machine learning, data mining, and mathematical statistics.



Programming Expert

I graduated from the University of California- Los Angeles with an MS in computer science. I specialized in computer programming, and have received awards for my coding skills. I have 16 years of teaching experience. It has been seven years since I joined and so far I have written a total of 2584 assignments for students.



Computer Network Expert

I graduated with a doctorate in computer science and information system from the Princeton University. I have worked in a company as a network analyst for seven years. I started working with soon after. Because of my vast subject knowledge, I have helped near about 450 students with their computer design, networking, and even network security related assignments.



Java Programming Expert

I’m associated with as an academic writer. I have extensive knowledge of coding and know all the various concepts related to JAVA language. I’m also familiar with other computer languages. My area of specialization is secure software design and development.



Economics Expert

I am currently pursuing my MS in economics and working with Prior to this I was associated with a firm as budget analyst. My strong vocabulary and excellent research skills have helped me prepare some quality economics assignments that have fetched students the highest of grades. I can write equally well assignments in finance, auditing, and accounting.


Adam Hussey

Health Science Expert

I have done my post-graduation in Healthcare from Walden University College. I used to work as a consultant in a reputed hospital. I have been associated with for past two years. Here I provide solutions for every problem related to health science.



Psychology Expert

A masters degree graduate in psychology from the University of Wollongong. I have an experience of two years in practicing psychology. I teach as a guest lecturer at Deakin University. I am also associated with as an online tutor and provide help to students in their assignments and research work.



Physiology Expert

I have pursued a doctorate in Physiology from McGill University. I have a keen interest in human physiology. I am practicing as a physiological specialist in a reputed hospital. I have been working here for past five years. I write academic papers and assignments for students on I love to help students in their assignments.



Nursing Expert

I have completed my doctorate in nursing from School of Nursing, University of Pittsburgh. I work in a reputed hospital. My area of specialization is burn nursing. I write academic papers for in my spare time, as I like to help students. It enhances my knowledge and helps students also.



History Expert

I have a keen interest in history. That’s the reason I did my bachelors in this subject and pursuing masters. I am associated with as an academic writer. I have been working here for past two years. I have created 3500 solutions so far. Students ask for my help directly. I help me to explore more about history.



Social Science Expert

I have a masters degree in social science. I work as a lecturer at Simon Fraser University. I write academic solutions for students in the field of Social Science. I like researching and writing. It adds to one's knowledge.



Micro Economics Expert

I have studied MA in microeconomics from the University of Sydney. I have worked as an economic analyst in a reputed firm. I worked there for six years. Now working as a writer at Apart from specialization, I also write on topics of finance, accounting and business.



Computer Science Expert

I have done Master in Computer Applications. I have worked with various companies for ten years. With an interest in writing, I joined as computer science expert. So far I have written 560 solutions with 100% satisfaction of students.



Management Expert

I have done MBA from Yale University. I am working as a junior manager in a business firm. I write academic papers as a part-time job. It helps me to read more about new researches occurring and enhances my knowledge.



Business Expert

I am a business analysis expert. I have done Ph.D. in business management. I have an experience of 4 years of teaching. I keep myself updated with new business trends and love analyzing them. This craze has turned my interest towards academic writing.



Marketing Expert

I have done MBA in Marketing. I worked as Junior marketing personnel for two years. Currently, I am pursuing Ph.D. in management studies. Side by side I work as an academic writer. My expertise is in marketing.



Research Paper Expert

I work as research paper expert. I have extensive knowledge about writing research papers. My excellent research skills have helped me prepare a number of quality research papers that have fetched students the highest of grades.



Econometric Expert

I have done Bachelor of science in econometrics. I am associated with from past two years. I have delivered a lot of econometric assignment help to students. I work with 100% students satisfaction.



Economic Expert

Being a Master’s degree holder in economics from the Daekin University, I have immense knowledge of subject of economics. Quite a few of my papers have been published in famous journals all around. I work with and help students with their economics assignment and research papers.



Finance Expert

Finance is such an interesting field to work. I have done my bachelors in Finance. My expertise is in public finance. I can also write assignments in various other fields of finance theories. I am associated with from last five years.



Accounting Expert

I have done my degree in Professional Accounting. I am working as a lecturer in college. I am working as part-time academic writer at I enjoy writing for students. Some of my papers have been published in renowned journals.



Agroecology Expert

I render total customized solutions. Have been awarded five-star rating multiple times. I can work on different topics and related subjects, but Agroecology is my specialization. I produce as I check them twice for errors in logic, facts, spellings, and grammar. I joined right after I got my master’s degree in English from the New York University.



Mathematics Expert

I enjoy solving complex mathematical equations. I have been working with as a math expert for last five years. I have expertise in applied mathematics and computational mathematics. As a teaching professional, my first motto is helping students. I do not pay attention to significant numbers, but I am more concerned about the quality.



English Expert

I am a post-graduate degree holder from Duke University. My area of study in English literature. I have involved in academic writing for last ten years. I have been writing assignments for for previous five years.



Law Expert

I did my Master in Business Law from Georgia State University. It has been my dream to publish my articles in academic journals since my childhood. I have been writing assignments for clients for the last couple of years.



International Business Expert

For the last eight years, I have been working as a Business professor in different renowned universities. Apart from mentoring and guiding, I possess competitive experience of serving multinational companies. I also have international exposure in the areas of globalization, liberalization and free trade.



Business Plan Expert

I have done Masters in Business Administration. Worked as business operations head in a reputed firm. I have experience of 4 years. My strong language skills have helped me compose the most important assignments in the simplest of language. Students rate me 4.5 stars and above out of 5.



Marketing Management Expert

Worked as a senior marketing executive in a reputed company. As I wanted to be in academics, I changed my profession and joined as an online tutor. I have done MBA in Marketing from Princeton University. I write several types of assignments such as case study, report, thesis, term paper, and coursework. I can also handle finance and accounting assignments.



Marketing Plan Expert gave me the opportunity to combine two of my passions helping people with their homework and marketing. With my Ph.D. degree in marketing from the University of Virginia, I have been able to help a little more than a thousand students so far with their marketing assignment.

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