State your name and index number clearly on the front paper.






2019/2020 Academic Year

2nd Semester Mid-sem Examination

Course Title: Marketing and Entrepreneurship Development in Art Education

Course code AEP 482:                                                          Duration:       11 days


Read and comply with the following instructions:

1.      State your name and index number clearly on the front paper.

2.      Students are advised to do independent work.

3.      The presentation must be typed in Time New Roman font style with font side of 12. The overall number of words should not be more than eight hundred words (i.e. not more than one page) excluding the front paper.

4.      Submission of the finished is strictly on the UEW LMS platform.

5.      Students who fail to comply with instructions 2 and 3 shall be penalized.


The Question


The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought a lot of havoc to businesses and economies, disrupt educational calendars, change lifestyles and professions among many others. But at the same time it has brought a lot of innovations in all the above-mentioned areas of our national socio-cultural life. It is widely believed and rightly so accepted that in difficult times, society looks forward to the artist for innovative ideas that can also be turned into business opportunities to ensure continues economic growth.

Having experienced how it is to live in a pandemic era and with your background as an artist with entrepreneurship and marketing ideas, answer the following:

1.      What innovative business idea have generated or discovered in this pandemic?

2.      How can this idea be harnessed for economic benefits?



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