Application: Thinking in Different Ways

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Application: Thinking in Different Ways

As a manager, it’s not enough to understand your own

thinking; you must be aware of the thinking of others as well.

Just as people have unique personalities, so too do they think

in different ways. Just as you must understand a colleague’s

personality in order to work with him, you must understand his

way of thinking in order to lead him. Failing to do so can render

you incapable of inspiring, and thus unable to affect

meaningful change.

After reading this week’s assigned articles, consider how

having an understanding of different models of thinking can

make you a more effective manager. With that thought in mind,

review the following three articles and answer the questions

associated with each (1–2 paragraphs per answer):

o Review Figure 1 in the Hermann article (located in

Day 5 of this week). When working within your

profession, which quadrant do you feel that you most

often operate in? Why? What could you do to train

yourself to think in another quadrant?

o After reviewing the intellectual standards on page 8 of

the Analytic Thinking pamphlet, consider recent

decisions you’ve made and why you made them.

Which elements do you find to be evident in your

decision making? Which elements could you have

used to make your decision even stronger? How could

you go about improving your skills in these areas?

o After reviewing the information on multiple

intelligences, search for and complete an online self-

test on multiple intelligences. What were your

strengths and weaknesses? What are your thoughts

on this approach to learning and thinking?

To view the grading criteria for this Assignment, refer to the

Week 1 Application Rubric, which is located in the Course

Information area of the course navigation menu.

Submit your Assignment by Day 7.

To submit your Assignment, do the following:

o Save your Assignment as a “.doc” file with the

filename “WK1Assgn+last name+first initial.doc”. For

example, Sally Ride’s filename would be


o To upload your Assignment, click on Assignments on

the course navigation menu, and then click the

“Assignment Turnitin – Week 1” link.

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