Arman, a friend of your dad, has a computer running Windows 7 and wants to perform an upgrade.

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You will find 5 scenarios below. For each one of them provide a solution that aligns with what was discussed during previous lectures. You could also use supplementary resources. Any attempt of cheating will be reported for investigation. Remember that your assignment is individual, hence, an opportunity to reinforce topics covered in class.

1. Arman, a friend of your dad, has a computer running Windows 7 and wants to perform an upgrade. He has only 3GB of RAM in his computer and he noticed it gets very slow. He has also noticed that the sluggishness matches an increase in the hard drive activity, judging by the amber light going almost solid. What is likely the cause of Arman’s problems? What can you recommend as a fix?

2. Emma bought a desktop computer at staples 2 years ago and it’s been in service ever since. She lives with her grandma in a house where dust is a constant. Her computer is not performing well and at moments it has even shutdown. She is asking for advice about possible causes for her problems. What is that expert opinion you can provide? What do you recommend as a fix for her computer?

3. Marcus is very mad, his computer constantly freezes, reboots and operates in an unstable manner. He mentioned accessing the SETUP and changing some settings in order to comply with a game he bought on sale. What is likely the cause of the problem? What 2 questions would you ask Marcus? How you could solve the issue?

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