Artifical intelligence assignment



Answer the following questions. Include references when appropriate.

1. [5 marks] How do we know if something is intelligent – we test it!

Read Alan Turing’s “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” – you can find it here Is the Turing Test a good test for machine

intelligence? Why or why not? (you should read other sources including, at a minimum,

John Searle’s description of the Chinese Room at

2. [10 marks] What do you think would be a good test for Artificial Intelligence? Go to the

Assignment 1 discussion forum and post some ideas that you have about how you would

design this test. What would we be testing and why? Or do we even need a test for AI –

what would we gain by having one? You should also post at least one response to a

classmate’s post.

3. [15 marks] Write a short essay (3-4 pages, 1.5 spacing) with regards to your perceptions

of the current state of Artificial Intelligence in practice. You should include the following


- current applications for AI

- current limitations of AI

- benefits of using AI

- problems of using AI

Your essay should include at least 3 references (APA style is OK). Your essay will be

marked out of 15 using the following rubric:

10 - content and organization

2.5 - style - proper use of paragraphs and white space, spelling and grammar

2.5 - use of references

Submit your assignment to the appropriate dropbox on BlackBoard in pdf format before the due

date. Note that your submission will be checked by SafeAssign. Late assignments will be

penalized 10% a day for 5 days after which the mark will be zero.

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