Development and Innovation Strategies



New Product Development and Innovation Strategies – Assignment 1 Week 1

Recall the five examples leading up to the introduction of The Innovation Diamond. Can you spot any of

the vectors outlined in these examples?

Your assignment:

 4-6 pages (6 maximum), double spaced

 12 point font, Times New Roman

 1” margins

 Find a 6 the company that had an innovative idea. Using what you know from this week’s

lecture – focusing on The Challenge, The Solution, and The Innovation Diamond –

describe the innovation problem the company faced, their idea, and relate their

solution process to the (4) vectors described in the chapter (1)

  •  Include (3) APA cited sources
  •  Worth 30 points
  •  21 pts for the body of the assignment
  •  2 pts for identifying a company
  •  3 pts for identifying an innovation challenge
  •  16 pts total for implementation of each of the (4) vectors of successful innovation
  • 4 pts for proper citations
  •  5 pts proper format
  •  BONUS: 5 pts maximum for discussion over success factors, success drivers, or
  • any other chapter (2) topic, in regards to the innovation challenges faced by your company

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