As a UTSA student, you are bound by the honor code, so DO NOT cheat on any of your coursework.

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UTSA HONOR CODE: As a UTSA student, you are bound by the honor code, so DO NOT cheat on any of your coursework. By submitting this assignment, you are attesting to your own authorship based on material from your textbook and/or your professor. Cheating can result in any one, or combination, or all of the following: reduced or failing grade for the assignment, a signed statement of the infraction, reduced or failing grade for the course, reporting of student name to the Department Chair and faculty, Dean’s Office and COB faculty, and/or elevation to Student Conduct and Community Standards.

NOTE: Make sure your PA1 is running with the correct logic from the plan and correct formatting (line advancing, spacing) and output before attempting PA2. If you followed the PA1 plan, then the variables referenced in these instructions are the same; otherwise, you’ll have to map them to yours. The underlying logic is basically the same. 

Print out your PA1 code and the PA2 instructions. Read through the PA2 instructions thoroughly to get a good idea of the logic, the required control structures, the methods and any changes that have to be made. Insert hand-written changes or cut your PA1 code with actual scissors and paste/tape the code in its proper order. The code in the main() from PA1 resides in the main() unless relocated to their respective methods, or in the case of some variables to the class level. After you’ve done this, open DrJava, copy your PA1 code into a .java file (named according to the file name indicated in item 4 below), then start altering it

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