As Australia and New Zealand move away from the intense cultural and economic involvement with Europe



1. As Australia and New Zealand move away from the intense cultural and economic involvement with Europe, new policies and attitudes have evolved to facilitate increased involvement with Asia. If you were a college students in Australia or New Zealand, how might you experience these changes? Think about your fellow students, career choices, language learning, and travel choices. 2. Discuss the emerging cultural identity of the Pacific islands, taking note of the extent to which Australia and New Zealand share or do not share in this identity. What factors are helping to forge a sense of unity across Oceania and beyond? (First, review the spatial extenet of Oceania) 3. Discuss the many ways in which Asia has historic, and now increasingly economic, ties to Oceania. 

In your discussion, include patterns. 4. To what extent can the countries of Oceania exercise control over their future as the climate changes? 5. Australia and New Zealand differ from each other physically. Compare and contrast the two countries in relation to water, vegetation, and prehistoric and modern animal populations. 6. Indigenous peoples worldwide are beginning to speak out on their own behalf. Discuss how the indigenous peoples of Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands are serving as leaders in this movement and what measures they are taking to reconstitute a sense of cultural heritage. 

 7. How is tourism both boosting economies and straining environments and societies throughout the Pacific Islands? Describe the solutions that are being proposed to reduce the negative impacts of tourism. 8. Compare how women have or have not been empowered, politically and economically, in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Ginea, and the Pacific Islands. 9. Compared with other regions, Australia and New Zealand are somewhat unusual in having become broadly prosperous on the basis of raw materials exports. How would you explain this achievement?

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