As part of the course requirements, you are required to submit a term paper. In this case, you are asked to choose an article from either a newspaper, journal, magazine or internet with an issue date no earlier than December, 2017.



As part of the course requirements, you are required to submit a term paper. In this case, you are asked to choose an article from either a newspaper, journal,  magazine or internet with an issue date no earlier than December, 2017.

The article itself, or your review of the article, must relate to a topic we have studied in  Human Resource Management. It's a good idea to advise me of the article you want to use, before you start writing your paper. You can do this by sending me an email if you like.  

Here are some guidelines to give you an idea of what I'm expecting.

·        The article that you choose is to be used as the subject or focus of the term paper. Please do not critique the article; rather it is to be used as a primary reference, among others, to support the position that you are taking.

·        Your term paper should either offer your opinion of a practical objective solution, tactic, or offer a response to the view expressed in the article.

·        In addition to your primary article, other references should be used to support your opinions and ideas.

·        The recommended length for your paper is about six pages, however you can submit as many pages as you feel are necessary. Single, or double spacing is your option.

·        An insightful paper that reflects the depth and quality of your ideas is more important than its length. If you need to write more than six pages that's fine, but if it is less, I will be expecting a paper of exceptional quality.  

·        Please do not use the textbook as a reference.

·        Wikipedia is not a good reference for a term paper.  The information is subject to editing and therefore unreliable.

Here are some stylistic guidelines for formatting your paper. Most university level submissions adhere to this standard. A well organized paper that conforms to university standards is always a pleasure to receive, however please do not feel constrained if you feel there is added value in using an alternate submission format.

·        On your title page please center your title at about mid-page. Many people choose to use a Bold font in size 14 for their title.

·        Put your name, the term paper due date, and the course number on lower right corner of title page. Here a smaller font is recommended, such as Bold 12.

·        Your second page is for references, with the topic selected for the first reference.

·        Subsequent pages are generally used for the report. As mentioned previously, it should be about 6 pages not counting the first two pages. Single or double space is okay. The content is more important than the length or the spacing.

·        Any material copied or information obtained from reference material must be placed in quotation marks (") and a footnote identifying the source of information should be placed either at the bottom of the page or at the end of the report.

An example of footnotes 
Briggs, Jr., Vernon/>/>, Immigration and American Unionism. A book review. Industrial & Labor Relations Review, Cornell/> University/>/>, October, 2003, Vol. 57, Number 1, p. 148.

An example of References: Hornstein, Harvey A., "Workplace Incivility: an unavoidable product of human nature and organizational nurturing", Knowledge Centre, HRPAO, December 15, 2003. (Links to an external site.) , accessed June 1 2018

* Footnotes need a page reference, whereas references do not.  Provide a separate page ( p. 2) for references. Therefore if footnotes are listed at the end of the paper, references need to be listed separately and placed on p. 2.

Please submit your term paper reading How to Submit at the top of the Assignments Page. Your term paper will be graded and marked on your ability to demonstrate your knowledge of the material, as well as your being able to apply your knowledge to real life situations.

You will be assessed on the quality of your content, rather than on the quantity of material you hand in. Whether your position is critical, contentious, analytical, or supportive, your answers should be supported by a well documented theoretical position


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