Geneva Business School learners must complete the tasks given in the assignment brief. Youcan request assistance from academic affairs team, about understanding



Assessment Guidelines

Geneva Business School learners must complete the tasks given in the assignment brief. Youcan request assistance from academic affairs team, about understandingstructure of the question paper, mark schemes, how to reference – Harvard Style and grade descriptors. You are expected to adhere to policies and guidelines set out by the center i.e. Lincoln University of Business and Management, which includes word/page/slide count and plagiarism/collusion.


You are required to refer to the guidance notes and assignment brief to present an answer that would fall within the required context.


Learners must seek permission and advice when using organizational/business information that would be considered sensitive or confidential within their assignments. If the organization’s consent is given, and anonymity is a given requirement of the organization, then the learner must respect this.

Assessment Criteria and Mark Sheets

The assignment brief will include the mark scheme along with grade descriptors for you to refer to if needed. The guidance notes before the assignment questions should be used for reference to ensure that you are equipped with the information and formats required. You are requested to obtain necessary advice on assignment context, format and other supporting information to clarify and help understand the requirements.

The assessment criteria and the mark sheets will help you identify how and where the marks have been allocated and allow them to structure their answers accordingly. Please note that you must achieve a minimum of 75% (equal to 4.5 bandwidth out of 6.0) of the total marks to pass this unit.

Word Count

It is mandatory that you adhere to the specified word count given in the assignment brief within a margin of -/+10%. For certain tasks, the assignment brief may specify the page count depending on the task requirement and, although a word count may not always be applicable for these, the page count must be adhered to always. All tables, charts, diagrams, referencing (in-text) will be considered a part of the assignment word count. Generally, a 10 points answer should have a word count between 250– 350 words.


If the task requires you to make a presentation, the word count will only be applicable to the notes provided. The assignment questions may also specify the number of slides, in which case you are also required to adhere to this.

Any supporting documents used to reinforce your answer, need to be attached at the end of the report as appendices. Such supplementary material will equip the examiner with the required background knowledge on the information provided within the report. However, these will not be considered for grading nor as part of the word/pagecount.

All assignments submitted with clear disregard for the stipulated page/word counts may be discounted, and you may have to resubmit your work for assessment pending revision/review of your work.

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