As part of your doctoral program, you will complete Collaboration Institutional Training Institute (CITI) ethics training.



Section Introduction:
As part of your doctoral program, you will complete Collaboration Institutional Training Institute (CITI) ethics training. This certification remains valid for two years. At the end of that time, you will need to update your training to remain active. Please note, in addition to the general modules completed, some students may be required to complete additional modules particular to their research (for example – working with protected populations like prisoners). Please keep a copy of your CITI certificate in a folder you can easily access and back up on your computer (or the cloud).
All research must be conducted ethically to ensure protection of all involved. One of the ways that institutions ensure this is through the Institution Review Board process. Below is a checklist for ethical research:
? Confirm in a statement that the study will receive approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to data collection.
? If the risk to participants is greater than minimal, discuss the relevant ethical issues and how they will be addressed.
? Describe how confidentiality or anonymity will be achieved.
? Identify how the data will be securely stored in accordance with IRB requirements.
? Describe the role of the researcher in the study. Discuss relevant issues, including biases as well as personal and professional experiences with the topic, problem, or context. Present the strategies that will be used to prevent these biases and experiences from influencing the analysis or findings.

Read and Study Chapter 4 Writing Strategies and Ethical Considerations in Research Design by John W. Creswell. Read and Study 3.11 Reducing Bias and Ethical Issues in the APA Manual. Familiarize yourself with CalSouthern’s IRB application and IRB Policies and Procedures in the Doctoral Project Manual.

Assignment 11

For this assignment you must complete the Collaboration Institutional Training Institute (CITI) Program in order to meet one of the Institutional Review Board Requirements at CalSouthern University.  There are 10 research modules you will complete.

To access CITI training, go t and click on “Register.” Then type in California Southern University in “Select your Organization Affiliation” and agree to Terms of Service to proceed with training. 

Complete the following modules:

Conflicts of Interest in Research Involving Human Subjects (ID: 488)  
History and Ethical Principles - SBE (ID: 490)  
Defining Research with Human Subjects - SBE (ID: 491)  
The Federal Regulations - SBE (ID: 502)  
Assessing Risk - SBE (ID: 503)  
Informed Consent - SBE (ID: 504)  
Privacy and Confidentiality - SBE (ID: 505)  
Unanticipated Problems and Reporting Requirements in Social and Behavioral Research (ID: 14928)  
Cultural Competence in Research (ID: 15166)  
Belmont Report and CITI Course Introduction (ID: 1127)  

Upload your CITI Training Certificate as your final assignment in the course.

Upload your CITI Certification.  1 to 2 pages.

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