The truth is that even though transpersonal experiences happen we often ignore it but some experiences are strong that we feel it sometimes.



The truth is that even though transpersonal experiences happen we often ignore it but some experiences are strong that we feel it sometimes. Such a transpersonal phenomenon is what I had experienced in my parapsychology class in college. I had a very skeptical thought about spirits and thought it’s just some illusion people talk of and it’s not real. But in our first two weeks of our class we were being briefed about parapsychology. We were taught that it is the discipline concerned with investigating events that cannot be accounted for by natural law and knowledge that cannot be obtained through sensory abilities. Our professor told us about the cognitive phenomena which is called extra sensory perception , it occurs independently of the known sensory processes. He talked to us about telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition. So understanding about these phenomena’s seemed interesting and fascinating but I still thought it’s a preconceived notion and this can’t happen in real life.

Until after two weeks, Our professor asked us if we want to experience  Clairvoyance, Everyone agreed to try Ouija Board. But we did not have the board so we thought it cannot be done. So our Professor asked us to create a board with writing on the table with chalk and we thought it won’t work, as it’s not accurate enough and not a proper board. So once we made the board, we wrote the number’s and alphabets. He asked a boy to lend his kada ( a holy bangle) as a mean to move across the board, the planchette. And one person took notes of the kada as it moved. The idea is to summon the spirits you want to communicate with, and they’ll move the planchette around the board to spell out answers to the questions you ask — until they or you finally say goodbye and the spirits go back to wherever they came from.

            So our guide kept directing us and we kept doing accordingly, He asked us to close or eyes and calm ourselves down, and we had to first call the guide. So he asked us to use in all our energy and first call the guide. Nothing happened for 20 minutes. We didn’t feel anything nor the planchette moved. But suddenly after a while it slowly moved. The movement wasn’t very strong so we didn’t really feel it, So we asked The guide to tell us if he’s present. So the planchette moved to yes. And then our professor asked us to ask questions to him one by one. As we asked him questions, the planchette moved swiftly across the table and we kept talking to the spirit. It was our first time and he told us his name, how he died and from where he belonged. He was from Delhi and he died in the factory when it got burned down. We were really astonished with this Ouija Board experience. But I honestly felt really drained every time we did the board. I thought It needed a lot of energy . I even experienced getting fever after the event.


Analyse the Ouija Board Experience in Paranormal way and Anomalistic way:

Parapsychology emphasizes the existence of paranormal forces in reality. Whereas anomalistic  perspective argues that there is no paranormal forces existing in reality and the reality can be explained by other psychological explanation’s.

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