As sales manager for a successful Fortune 500 company explain how you would respond to the successful salesperson



Question 1: (250-word minimum response required) As sales manager for a successful Fortune 500 company, explain how you would respond to the successful salesperson** who says the following to you at a recent mid-year performance review meeting: “You want me to spend more of my time calling on new accounts? Why should I spend more time calling on new accounts when I am already meeting my sales quota every year from the business that comes from my existing accounts? If I started spending more time calling on new accounts, I would be cutting in on the time I spend with my existing accounts, which would be a bad idea.” The term “successful salesperson” used in this question means that every year this salesperson meets or exceeds their sales quota set for the year. Question 2: Two part question. (Minimum combined total word count for the two questions must be 400 words minimum.) Read the “Leadership Challenge: What Have You Done For Me Lately?” scenario found on pp. 265-266 of the text, and answer Questions #1 and #2 found on p. 266. Please answer each question individually, but show the total word count for the two answers at the end of your response to Question #2. Download Attachments: Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 9.53.36 PM.png Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 9.53.46 PM.png You are Terri Ann Masters. What would you do about Jason Benjamin? I will sit down with Jason to ascertain the "real cause" behind the poor performance and lack of motivation to perform. I will have an open discussion with Jason to find out possible solutions for the lackluster performance and if such performance levels can be enhanced via strategies such as appropriate remuneration, bonuses or incentives or other factors such as recognition, etc, I will try to implement the solution as soon as possible. If Jason will not be able to provide a reasonable reason for the poor performance, I will be forced to replace Jason with another salesperson. What would you do with these younger salespeople who are looking for new opportunities inside the company? I will start providing increased challenging opportunities to a young salesperson so that they can groom themselves and gather enough experience to handle large accounts and thus, replace experienced salespeople like Jason who are not performing well. I will provide more opportunities for these young people so that they can display their talent and expertise.

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