Develop a strategic sales and marketing plan




Select a company and develop a strategic sales and marketing plan that includes recruiting the sales force, training for international marketing, managing a global sales force, and being an effective international marketing manager. The products and services along with the challenges should be examined. Outline the marketing and operation challenges associated with this type of initiative. (See page 599 for guidelines) Write 10 full pages of text in APA Format with at least 6 peer review references

You will need a:

  •  Cover Page
  •  Table of Contents
  •  Abstract or Introduction
  •  Text - Body of Work (with HEADINGS)
  •  Conclusion/Recommendation
  • References

Policy: you must use peer-reviewed articles to support your research, in APA Format. No Wikipedia, BLOGS with ads from or, as they present a biased opinion.

Safe Assign is a plagiarism detection software that is integrated into the Submit Assignment. All written assignments submitted to the Submit Assignment will be automatically analyzed and a report generated. So, Do Not Copy, and Look for grammatical and usage errors, as well as for spelling mistakes.

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