Assess the pre-event budget estimates for national and international venues.



Assess the pre-event budget estimates for national and international venues. Research and analyze the cost to develop and host either the Olympics (Summer of Winter) of the World Cup (Men’s or Women’s).

Format: (120 Points)

  • Assignment MUST have a cover page with your name(s), date, class; period; term and assignment.
  • Assignment must be written in 12 point type and double spaced.
  • Answers must be in complete sentences.
  • Paper MUST follow the letter format when writing your responses.
  • This is an individual assignment. Your honesty and integrity are expected and appreciated


A. Explain the recent history (past 20 years) of the international event you have selected from above (Summer or Winter Olympics or Men's or  Women's World Cup)

B. Explain the expenses categories required to develop the venues the games are played in.

C. Explain who is responsible for venue and event development expenses. (Host city vs IOC)

D. List the projected cost categories of managing the event and who pays these expenses.

E. Discuss the legacy plans for utilizing the new venues in the host city after the Olympics has ended.

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